SpaceTec has several service lines but they all have one common element: defining the right strategy adapted to the client and its context, and providing assistance in its implementation.

Management Consulting

SpaceTec Partners serves a variety of private and public institutions, pragmatically applying consulting techniques primarily in the space domain. With clients such as the European Commission, GSA and ESA, as well as various SMEs and start-ups, SpaceTec is experienced in leading high-level strategy and programme related projects and has helped develop several effective policy and strategy recommendations in several domains.

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Market Development

SpaceTec Partners has specialty expertise in bridging the gap between various sectors, both space and non-space, public and private institutions, as well as SMEs and start-ups. Central to this is SpaceTec’s ability to coordinate broad stakeholder groups of all levels, from entrepreneurs to developers, local and regional authorities, decision makers, students and professionals. SpaceTec has coordinated and successfully run events, helpdesks, infosessions, outreach activities, webinars and workshops to support the development of ecosystems, as well as support the implementation of various integrated strategies.

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Innovation Advisory

SpaceTec Partners is well versed in the theme of entrepreneurship and innovation, with hands-on experience as space entrepreneurs, mentors of space start-ups, as well as in shaping space accelerators and innovators. SpaceTec has developed different accelerators, bootcamps, hackathons, incubators and prize competitions aimed at supporting early-stage companies and space entrepreneurs under various schemes.

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