SpaceTec Partners serves a variety of private and public institutions, pragmatically applying consulting techniques primarily in the space domain. With clients such as the European Commission, GSA and ESA, as well as various SMEs and start-ups, SpaceTec is experienced in leading high-level strategy and programme related projects and has helped develop several effective policy and strategy recommendations in several domains.

With over 10 years operating in Europe, SpaceTec has amassed a wealth of industry expertise as well as technical knowledge. What sets SpaceTec apart is the mastery of the ‘hypotheses-driven methodology’ combined with strong space industry expertise as well as extensive technical knowledge. SpaceTec’s study philosophy and approach is data-driven and leverages facts to validate key assumptions and hypotheses.

SpaceTec Partners provides concise, effective and relevant solutions to problems faced by institutions in the Space industry:

  • Strategy development and business planning
  • Market analysis and market-entry strategies
  • Cost benefit analysis, impact assessment & policy analysis
  • Organisational development and change management
  • Gathering and analysis of user needs and translation into technical requirements
  • Programme management, performance and risk management best practices implementation

Case studies

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