Numerous players are entering the aerospace market in innovative segments such as urban air mobility and drones. SpaceTec is involved to assess related opportunities.

With technological advancements and rising challenges of traffic management in cities, efforts in Urban Air Mobility (UAM) are gaining traction. VCs and big players in the aerospace and automotive sectors invest in innovative mobility-as-a-service solutions. Various cities assess the potential of expanding their infrastructure with ports for air taxis. In this context, automation is an important opportunity. Besides passenger transports, automated air vehicles can cover logistics or technical inspections.

Overall, the demand for drones rises with new use cases ranging from agriculture, construction and insurance to law enforcement. With increasing market penetration and relevance, regulation for drones becomes a more pressing issue in Europe.

SpaceTec consultants have worked on various projects in the Aerospace & Aviation domain. Recent projects include:

  • Assessing market opportunities in Urban Air Mobility
  • Analysing the capabilities of drones
  • Support to enable the adoption of EGNOS by the aviation community, both general and business aviation, working together with EUSPA
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