Space exploration has long been the exclusive domain of governments and public organisations, however the role of private entities has increased with several new concepts and business models emerging.

SpaceTec Partners’ expertise and networks allow us to remain engaged with the newest developments and provide targeted advice and insights. SpaceTec Partners’ consultants have a solid background and many years of involvement in activities related to Space Exploration at an academic, institutional and industrial level. Thus the team can support clients and provide solutions in this cutting-edge sector.

Case studies

The future of the European space sector

The future of the European space sector

Access to finance is a key enabler of entrepreneurship in a European space ecosystem which has seen several transformations and advancements in recent years. From an analysis of the role of the public sector, to evaluating market maturity and sector risks, this report provides a comprehensive review of the European space sector; identifying gaps, highlighting challenges and providing a number of recommendations and potential policy actions.

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