Players in Security & Defence face a changing environment while ensuring to anticipate dynamically evolving threats. SpaceTec has accumulated many years of experience in Security & Defence.

New innovative entrants with technical innovations, market consolidation and uncertainty about government spending are among the challenges in the sector. A disruptive force is automation & robotics technology, supporting human resources and reducing cost. As a key source of innovation, start-ups and SMEs play an important role in the defence supply chains. With a continuous competition for better technology, new opportunities for start-ups emerge, but overcoming the hurdles of the industry is a complicated endeavour.

Global geopolitical dynamism has always been the main driver for the defence industry. Recent conflicts brought to light serious concerns about national security issues and the current state of the civil and defence infrastructure across the world. Moreover, the rapid technological advancement in high-tech areas creates unprecedented challenges in the field of cybersecurity and critical information systems. As a response, many countries around the world are increasing their defence budget to address these topics.

Also the space domain has become a key axis in defence policies, with growing needs for secure connectivity and space situational awareness.

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