Addressing the persistent threat of landmines: An innovative demining toolkit

The TIRAMISU project had a clear objective: to tackle the global crisis of landmines and unexploded ordnance in war-torn areas, even after the cessation of hostilities. In pursuit of this goal, the project developed a range of tools targeting different aspects of demining. As part of this initiative, SpaceTec Partners acted as intermediaries between the developers and the end-users.

Using our expertise in awareness-raising strategies, we facilitated the utilisation of TIRAMISU’s resources—an initiative aimed at mitigating the danger posed by post-war landmines. Conflicts can have devastating consequences, with one of the most severe being the continued presence of landmines and unexploded ordnance. These lethal devices persist in war-affected areas long after the fighting has ended, causing death or serious injury to unsuspecting individuals. Furthermore, they pose a significant obstacle to the recovery and progress of nations affected by war, impeding their transition from crisis to peace, development, and prosperity. TIRAMISU, an EU project by Novaspace together with other organisations, aimed to contribute to ending this global crisis.

An overview of the modules and technologies designed by TIRAMISU

Specifically, TIRAMISU aimed to equip the Mine Action community with a comprehensive set of resources that addressed various aspects of humanitarian demining. This toolkit comprised ten distinct modules designed specifically for end users. Examples of these modules include Stand-off Detection, which employed unmanned aerial and ground vehicles, as well as flying biosensors, for close-range mine detection. Another module, Ground-based Close-in Detection, focused on advanced metal detectors, ground penetrating radars, and novel chemical sensors. Additionally, there was the module on the Disposal of ERW (Explosive Remnants of War), which developed equipment to safeguard deminers or vehicles from detonations. The toolkit also included modules for Mine Risk Education, intended to support educational initiatives, and training, which aimed to enable the adoption of the developed tools by end users.

To maximise the impact of TIRAMISU and enhance its results, we undertook efforts to bridge the gap between the project and society. Specifically, we implemented dedicated actions to increase awareness of the ongoing threat posed by landmines in various regions worldwide and facilitate the adoption of the technologies developed by TIRAMISU.

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