SpaceTec Partners, merged with Euroconsult Group to form Novaspace, has several service lines but they all have one common element: defining the right strategy adapted to the client and its context, and providing assistance in its implementation.


SpaceTec Partners serves a variety of private and public institutions, pragmatically applying consulting techniques primarily in the space domain. With institutional clients such as the European Commission, the European Space Agency (ESA) and the European Union Agency for the Space Programme (EUSPA), as well as with leading space industry players and various SMEs and start-ups, SpaceTec Partners has helped to develop several effective policy and strategy recommendations in several domains.

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SpaceTec Partners is well versed in the theme of entrepreneurship, innovation and funding, supporting entrepreneurs and early-stage companies with various innovation programmes from hackathons to incubators. We advise policy makers on the topic with our in-depth understanding of the entrepreneurial ecosystem of the space sector. Our team supports transactions in the sector with commercial due diligences for leading investment funds.

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Market Development

SpaceTec Partners’ proven ability to coordinate broad stakeholder groups of all levels allows bridging the gaps between space and non-space, as well as institutional sector with industrial stakeholders, SMEs and start-ups. SpaceTec Partners regularly shapes and implements interdisciplinary strategies to engage stakeholders and decision makers. As trusted partner of our clients, SpaceTec Partners orchestrates the development of innovative solutions that facilitate the uptake of space-based technologies by policy makers, entrepreneurs and users.

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