AI4EO: Building a bridge between Artificial Intelligence and Earth Observation

As Artificial Intelligence (AI) has started permeating many industrial, scientific, and technological domains, Earth Observation is undoubtfully one of the industries that will benefit the most from the 4th industrial revolution driven by AI.
Understanding the AI4EO ecosystem

A team of contractors led by Novaspace was contracted by ESA to build the AI&EO community, develop the AI4EO platform and host challenges based on societal problems that can be solved by using AI on EO data. Novaspace is responsible for the project management and communication activities, leveraging our extensive networks in the innovation and EO ecosystems.

The AI4EO platform was launched in February 2021, providing an interactive and integrative space to host challenges end-to-end from registration to data provision and validation of results. The objectives of the challenges such as air quality or food security are to combine EO with an innovative AI method enabling the development of novel solutions. To support this, AI4EO aims to attract both EO and AI professionals. Each challenge is supported by dedicated communication campaigns and personal support to ensure maximal exposure and a positive experience for the participants.

The top three teams as well as the winner of the special student’s prize win “AI4EO points” that can be used to collect their prize from the AI4EO Prize Catalogue, a unique collection of prizes such as EO data, processing power and coaching.

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