Building entrepreneurial ecosystems in CEE

Given that 70% of space innovation clusters are concentrated in Western Europe, with a sector growing steadily by 6% in recent years, there are great opportunities to foster the emergence of entrepreneurial niches in the Eastern European space community.

Novaspace makes key contributions to InnORBIT, a programme setup to empower innovation intermediaries to generate sustainable space entrepreneurship initiatives. In particular, we develop two assets for the ecosystem:

  • Capacity Business Programme, training innovation intermediaries through webinars, bootcamps and personalise trainings to raise their awareness about the sector, its applications and business opportunities, and enable them to establish and run successful space entrepreneurship initiatives
  • Business Training Programme, with an array of training material for the direct use by the start-ups, or as guiding tools for the innovation intermediaries. This will improve the entrepreneurs business skills, explore the peculiarities of the sector and help raising funds.

The contents of these programmes will be delivered through a digtal toolbox, a purpose-built instrument developed to facilitate the use of the material for the innovation intermediaries.

The first pilot initiatives will be implemented in Greece, Hungary and Croatia, with three local partners with ample experience and extensive access to the relevant innovation networks. After the pilot, the effort will be extended to the rest of Eastern Europe.

The project is kindly funded from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme, grant agreement No 101004212. It seeks to serve at least 50 space start-ups through 20 intermediaries with 20 initiatives supported, offering a service portfolio that will include trainings, mentoring, networking and support access to finance.

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