Elevating business ideas with EU space data & signals

Have you ever wondered what would it take to build a successful space business? Introducing the EUSPA Space Academy. This free online training course has all the tools you need to turn your ideas into concrete actions and demonstrate the huge potential for EU Space data.

The EU space programmes, such as Galileo, EGNOS and Copernicus are becoming more present in our everyday lives, bringing innovation across several industries such as agriculture, cities infrastructure and climate change. These Earth Observation (EO) and Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) applications have a huge impact on the economy, generating EUR 200 billion in revenues up to 2021. This revenue is estimated to reach €500 billion during the next decade!

The creation of new products and services using EU Space data will contribute to this growth, but these budding entrepreneurs often need support. The EUSPA Space Academy is here to help and foster innovation in the downstream space sector in Europe. The academy is free and open to every interested person in the EU Member States, Norway, and Switzerland.

The programme is designed to provide entrepreneurs with a solid foundation of skills for their businesses, providing 18 different training courses in business and technical topics. Participants have access to 7 courses on space entrepreneurship: EU space data & signals, Team & resources, Customer & sales, Product, Business, Finance and Legal.

Additionally, participants have a unique opportunity to join follow-up sessions and closely interact with renowned specialists in the field. During office hours, workshops and 1-to-1 mentoring, seasoned professionals will answer questions, provide hands-on experience, and personally assist the next generation of entrepreneurs and future leaders in space.

Get more information on: https://euspa.europa.eu/spaceacademy

The Space Academy is an action of the The European Union Agency for the Space Programme (EUSPA) and is implemented by SpaceTec Partners.

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