The MyGalileoApp Challenge is the largest app development competition for Galileo

The MyGalileoApp competition was launched by the GSA in January 2019 to promote the use of Galileo location and timing data in smartphone applications and increase public awareness of the benefits Galileo provides. MyGalileoApp tasked competitors to design, develop, test and launch a mobile application that takes advantage of the increased accuracy and availability provided by the EU’s Galileo constellation. The winning team was awarded a first place prize of EUR 100,000 to bring their app into existence!

Novaspace supported the EUSPA with the promotion and organisation of the competition by identifying and contacting key stakeholders and potential competitors. In addition to direct outreach activities, Novaspace also launched a series of campaigns with media organisations. Through extensive experience in the space and GNSS ecosystems, Novaspace was able to leverage their network to secure several technically skilled business savvy mentors who provided guidance to competitors during the development stages of the competition.

During the development phase Novaspace co-hosted several webinars for 30 pre-selected teams with EUSPA, created a Slack group and held regular update calls with the competitors to answer questions and provide additional information on submission requirements.

After the initial judging of the Beta apps, 10 teams were selected to progress to the final development phase of the competition, where they were required to publish the final version of their app in both the App Store and the Google Play Store. Having uploaded their final apps, the 10 teams were invited to the official award ceremony which took place in Prague on November 7, 2019. At the ceremony, each team presented their app to the EUSPA evaluation board.

With the winning teams of the contest receiving prizes up to € 100 000.

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