Facilitating industrial cooperation across continents

Through GNSS.asia SpaceTec Partners has been bridging GNSS industries from Asia and Europe since 2012. Its objective is to facilitate industrial cooperation between the two regions, to support institutional relations and to maximise Galileo adoption. The programme offers a series of services to EU industry and institutions, ranging from market analyses and stakeholder mapping, to business matchmaking, local marketing opportunities and the latest technology trends.

The Asia-Pacific region is home to the highest coverage of GNSS constellations in the world. Its booming economies feature a rapidly growing consumer base and a large potential of GNSS- and space-enabled applications, accompanied by an increasing share of local R&D and technology innovations. Asia is nearly indispensable for companies and SMEs with ambitions to internationalise their GNSS-based product or service.

Aspiring exporters often face a series of unexpected obstacles. These range from politicised procurement markets and market access barriers, to differences in local business cultures, complex market dynamics and an opaque legislative and standardisation framework. Such obstacles are a certain challenge, but easy to navigate with the right knowhow and access to local key stakeholders.

To benefit from GNSS.asia services, register for industry support on gnss.asia. Our team is ready to support your GNSS ventures in Asia!

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