Boosting the use of AI in Europe’s MSMEs

SpaceTec Partners, together with UnternehmerTUM, has supported the EESC's Employer group by preparing a report on "Boosting the use of Artificial Intelligence in Europe's micro, small and medium-sized enterprises". The study sheds light on the opportunities and challenges of AI uptake for Europe's MSMEs with an in-depth sectoral and EU/Member state analysis.
The challenges faced by SMEs when adopting AI

Key actions for both policymakers and MSMEs to support the uptake of AI within MSMEs and preserve these businesses’ economic relevance in Europe includes:

  • Supporting education and training systems to ensure all new skills demanded by the labour market are acquired and general knowledge on AI is gained, enabling civil society members to be responsible and informed users of AI devices and applications.
  • Ensuring SMEs, the largest employers in Europe, have a targeted support system from finance and infrastructure to data availability and interoperability, allowing for a successful pan-European AI adoption.
  • Raising awareness about issues such as cybersecurity and the potential impact of data bias.
  • Providing guidance on best practices, promote success stories, and share experiences that can serve as a starting point for a broad AI uptake among MSMEs.

Read more in the EESC’s report on “Boosting the use of Artificial Intelligence in Europe’s micro, small and medium-sized enterprises”

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