Analysis of hybrid PPP-RTK techniques for mass market applications

Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) offer fantastic benefits to the modern world and have enabled many applications across multiple industries. However, the accuracy provided is not sufficient for some professional applications such as precision agriculture and surveying.

Novaspace undertook a review of these technologies to determine their suitability to mass-market applications. RTK is limited by its requirement for bi-directional communication, restricting the number of users the network can support; PPP has long convergence times which typically does not align with mass-market user requirements; whereas PPP-RTK reduces both issues and looks to be a promising technology for the mass-market.

A deep dive into the standardisation process for State Space Representation (SSR) message formats was undertaken and a comparison of innovative PPP-RTK concepts presented. Interviews were held with industry experts to understand the suitability of high-accuracy GNSS signal augmentation services for mass-market applications such as automotive and smartphone platforms.

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