High-accuracy GNSS techniques in mass market industries

Several signal augmentation techniques such as Real Time Kinematic (RTK), Precise Point Positioning (PPP) and hybrid variations (e.g. PPP-RTK) enable real-time high accuracy positioning using Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS). These technologies, previously limited to specific applications such as surveying and agriculture, deliver cm/dm level accuracy. However, the ability to broadcast PPP correction data globally over satellite and/or the internet has opened the door to large-scale, mass market applications of highly accurate GNSS, with the development of PPP-RTK expected to further improve the convergence time of PPP.

Simultaneously, smaller form factors of receiver and antenna hardware are being introduced, enabling the application of high-accuracy (HA) GNSS to more mass market devices. As a result, PPP, and other HA GNSS techniques are increasingly being applied to other market segments. However, the importance and impact of HA GNSS varies by market.

Prioritisation Methodology

In this context, for a major GNSS player in Europe, Novaspace performed a detailed market analysis and competitiveness assessment of the HA GNSS service market, identifying the market potential, evaluating potential business models and forecasting the associated revenue potential. This analysis built a foundation to define and implement a development plan of technological assets in the marketplace.

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