Micro-launcher market opportunities

Access to space for Europe currently relies on the ESA-developed launchers Ariane and Vega, complemented by Soyuz from the CSG. While Ariane 5 services GTO, heavy SSO, ISS servicing and escape missions; Soyuz and Vega, focus in the medium and small payload class, respectively.

Within the satellite demand addressed by Ariane 6 and Vega C, the segment under 500 kg mass encompasses a variety of market segments and types of customers, both commercial and institutional. Specifically, the satellite market under 200kg presents some interesting opportunities.

Comparison of alternatives to launch small satellites (<500 kg)

Together with a major European launch provider, Novaspace analysed the most likely market opportunities and target addressable and accessible markets for potential new micro-launchers tackling the small (<= 500 kg mass) satellites market with a special focus on under 200 kg mass classes.

Indicative pricing for launch services depending on satellite mass range

This analysis was done to investigate the feasibility of an economically viable, commercially self-sustainable, space access solution for small satellites.

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