Capturing revenue opportunities through satellite communications ground infrastructure in Equatorial Africa

In collaboration with an infrastructure-as-a-service provider specialising in Special Economic Zones (SEZs) across Central and Western Africa, SpaceTec Partners played a pivotal role in exploring revenue opportunities within the space industry. While the SEZ activities primarily revolve around local industries like forestry and raw materials, our joint efforts identified promising synergies with the satellite ground segment. Leveraging our unique insights into the satcom ecosystem, we identified strategic avenues to penetrate the space sector.

A comprehensive market analysis formed the foundation of our approach, including an examination of trends, market sizes, and key opportunities in the space industry at large, with a particular focus on satcom and the ground segment. We provided the client with detailed insights into the dynamics of emerging Low Earth Orbit (LEO) constellations for Satcom and Earth observation, clarifying their implications on the demand for ground segment infrastructure. Particularly, a geographic gap in existing infrastructure across Equatorial Africa presented a compelling opportunity for commercial collaborations. Given our client’s access to sites with well-equipped supporting infrastructure in diverse locations in the same area, the SEZs qualified as sites for hosting satellite ground segment infrastructure. Based on our comprehensive understanding of the relevant markets, we offered our client detailed site selection criteria, and an in-depth analysis of various business cases tailored to typical ground segment business models and target markets.

Translating the insights into action, we validated the outcomes through interviews with satellite and ground infrastructure operators, ensuring the feasibility and efficacy of our proposed strategies. Taking proactive steps toward revenue generation, we orchestrated the successful introduction of our client to over 20 influential players within the space ground segment ecosystem during the World Satellite Business Week. Through dedicated working sessions, we also supported our client in presenting their offering, facilitating meaningful discussions on potential synergies, and efficiently scheduling follow-up meetings to establish impactful commercial partnerships.

New satellite applications, business models and technologies are affecting demand for ground segment and operational practices, creating opportunities for SEZs.
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