Workshops and training sessions enable Copernicus to reach new users

Lowering the barrier for accessing Copernicus data and information was identified in the Copernicus User Uptake Strategy as one of the challenges existing and new users faced. While this entails the development of user-friendly data access portals and applications that provide information rather than data to the public, providing training and information to new and existing users on the access and use of Copernicus data and information is also a fundamental building block of the user uptake strategy.

Copernicus Training and Information Sessions have been organised in 21 EU Member States, and tailor-made presentations were given to new and existing users, ranging from policy makers, entrepreneurs, Earth Observation experts and scientists. The material developed for these Infosessions cover the whole range of Copernicus data and information services, and specific thematics focusing on topics of interest to different user groups. All presentations were filmed and can be consulted on Copernicus’ Youtube channel. 

Networking during the Copernicus Training and Information Session in Denmark

Industry workshops, organised in close cooperation with the European Commission, provided insight for the national contact points of Copernicus users to a variety of topics, including state-of-the-art research and applications related to e.g. agriculture, the Arctic, energy, drones, land cover and coastal zones. Novaspace provided input and network expertise to define the agenda of these workshops, and coordinated the promotion, visual identity and logistics of each of these events. 

Furthermore, through the Copernicus Support Office, dedicated training sessions, either face-to-face or online, were delivered on the request of members of the Copernicus networks or the European Commission. 

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